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Our partners & providers

We are grateful for the expertise and assistance of our partners and supporters.


Westwood for All Ages

Westwood for All Ages is an initiative to make Westwood, New Jersey an age-friendly community, a place where all people can live well and thrive even as they age.

Bergen County Division Of Senior Services

PVMOW coordinates with the Bergen County Division of Senior Services to deliver meals to homebound seniors in over two dozen communities in Bergen County, New Jersey.


CareOne is New Jersey's largest privately-owned provider of post acute rehabilitation and long

term care. CareOne provides kitchens and food preparation services for several of our routes.


Christian Health Care Center

The Christian Health Care Center, a non-profit center, provides a continuum of high-quality, family-centered elder-care and mental health services and is open to anyone regardless of race, sex or religion.  It provides kitchens and food preparation services for our routes in the Mahwah/Ramsey area.


Rotary International

Rotary International connects professionals wth local community service projects, including many volunteers for our routes in the North Jersey area.